Amphibious 1000: Luxurious Aqua-Land Structure Coming Up in Qatar

If you thought the nations in the Middle East are a little lazy in embracing eco-friendly models in automobile, technological or architectural sectors, think again. Qatar, one of the royal Middle East nations, is to change this notion soon.  A magnificent tourist resort planned in Qatar may be said to be a solution to ecological concerns. The upcoming ‘Amphibious’ luxury hotel resort is sure to change the tourism stature of this country as well as its neighbors.


Many western and eastern counterparts have already revealed their green-design models, which include many townships and structures. But this one will leave you delighted for sure.

Welcome to the ‘Amphibious 1000’ luxury resort. This has unique features of an amphibian as the name suggests and woos both the tourist and environmentalists alike.

The Amphibious 1000 is designed as a semi-submerged resort. This $500 million project has Italian company Giancarlo Zema Design Group as the architects.

The structure will be half extended to the sea like a strange aquatic creature. The complex will be featuring residential buildings, offices, and marina with futuristic bay. It spreads around a 1km range, with sea extensions designed like tentacles of an animal.

The four hotels featured inside the sea portion will also have diagonal glass windows, underwater halls, water exhibition galleries, marine life museum, an aquarium and an underwater observatory.

The brilliantly designed central tower will house a luxury restaurant that apart from providing exotic and aboriginal dishes provide mind blowing panoramas.

However, the USP of this resort will be the unique 80 semi-submersible suits called “Jellyfish “that will be rented out to guests. These rooms will be providing open views of the artificial underwater reefs.

Furthermore, it is decided that only electric vehicles will be permitted in hotel location. Meanwhile, small aluminum yachts with underwater vistas called Trilobis, operating on Hydrogen powered engines will be used for water transport on its premises.









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