A Green Idea Blossoms on this Rooftop

Can you imagine lush green farms on New York rooftops? You need not imagine. If you go to NYC, you can see them with your own eyes. In fact, the world’s largest rooftop farm is located right here. Situated atop a 40,000 square foot warehouse in Long Island City, Queens, Brooklyn Grange took root nearly two years ago and has since been providing the local neighborhood with fresh, organic produce. The farm is an amazing example of what can be done with our empty rooftops. Come and see for yourself this luxuriant greenery!


New York City is not what comes to mind when you think of lush green farms, but these days it seems like every unused space, from stalled construction sites to abandoned basketball courts, is being transformed into bountiful, food-producing land.

Brooklyn Grange is the product of Wisconsin native and Head Farmer Ben Flanner, who, in 2009, started the Eagle Street Rooftop Farm, the first rooftop soil farm in NYC. Flanner’s interest and passion for farm-to-table food led to a farming team with roots in the restaurant business.

Brooklyn Grange’s organic produce is grown in 7.5” deep beds with Rooflite soil.



Produced by Pennsylvania soil company Skyland, Rooflite is a lightweight soil composed of organic matter compost and small porous stones which break down to add trace minerals that are needed for the produce to grow into a healthy and mature state.

The use of organic soil means that everything produced by Brooklyn Grange is sustainable and good for you.

The farmers at Brooklyn Grange hope to reconnect the city to its farms and farmers by improving city citizens’ access to good, healthy food.

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