10 Eco-Friendly Baby Gifts You Would Want to Buy

Parents are often baffled about what to buy while expecting a child. Same is the case with relatives and friends, when it comes to choosing what to buy for baby-sitting parents. For those who are interested eco-friendly systems, why don’t you consider a nature friendly item as a baby gift? If you haven’t thought on those lines, let’s help you. We have lined up 10 choices in the ‘eco-friendly baby gifts’ category for you to pick. Let the baby practice the three Rs (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) of green-living right from the start. Here we go.

Glass Baby Bottle with Silicone Sleeve by Life Factory

The baby bottle is an occasional need for the breast feeding mothers. Glass bottles are the best choice, as they clear away the chance of chemicals leaking out into the milk during heating or storing.  The silicone sleeve sported in this design by Life Factory provides an easier grip for extra safety. The clean cover coming with the bottle can act as an easy-to-hold first cup. The glass material used is highly durable and recyclable as well. Be cautious of high temperature changes or heavy impact which can crack the material. Priced at $14.49

Green Eats Serving Spoons by Green Toys

This one is an ideal choice for those who plan to present an eco friendly gift. These cute looking Green Eats Serving Spoons from Green Toys are made completely from recycled plastic milk containers. Don’t be worried about using recycled plastics around kids –  the item is guaranteed of safety and are free of melamine, BPA, phthalates, PVC and external coatings. The spoon is soft and easy, while it is also recyclable after use. You will have to shell out $5.99 for a set of 8.

E.M. Set by Earth Monkeys

Many disposable bibs and changing pads amount for landfills every year. You can break this routine by choosing for a reusable set of Baby bib from Earth Monkeys. Each E.M set will comprise a reusable bib, paci-pack and handy changing pad folded-in for easy storage. Reusability is not only green factor of EM set – they are made 100% of recycled plastic bottles. You can pick  a set for $26.97

Cloth Diapers by Swaddlebees

Disposable baby diapers form one of the main additions to the mounting urban waste pile.  Cloth diaper is a conventional resolution to this problem. It may be a little time consuming for parents, but is worth its time for the waste reduction, economy and the green benefits it offers. The Swaddlebees brand of sewed diapers have been made by an eco-conscious mom, Margarita McClure, who started by making diapers for her son. This reusable diaper brand has a chic cousin named Blueberry Diapers. These baby napkins come in loads of cute colors and patterns for the stylish, eco friendly parents to choose. Apart from being green, the diapers are non toxic and has high grade of reusability. They come with a $18.95 price tag.


Affinity Double Electric Breast Pump by Lansinoh

Breast feeding is undoubtedly the best and healthy way of feeding babies. Also it helps in avoiding the plethora of casing waste related with using bottled formulas. But circumstances at times demand the need of breast pump or likely systems for assuring that baby is fed with mom’s milk.  The canned and bottled formulas result in a large amount of waste each year. You can reduce their ecological threat by opting for Affinity Double Electric Breast Pump. This equipment is assured BPA-free. And, most of the parts are made from totally recyclable polypropylene. Also, the electric pump is faster, easier and comfortable than manual pumping. Don’t forget to use rechargeable batteries for operating this pump. Price varies with the retailer.


Messenger II Bag by Diaper Dude

Many tend to forget the dad, when you are choosing a present for a new- born-baby-family. This stylish Diaper Bag is made for an active dad in business. It is perfectly masculine, and is eco-friendly as it is made of recycled plastic bottles. Each Diaper dude bag manufactured from the 25 plastic bottles that are shredded, melted and woven into polyester. It’s very spacious and portable, equipped with a fold-out changing pad abridging the requirement for disposable pads. It also has spaces for the dad’s personal belongings like keys, cell phones and work papers too. Pick yours for $98.


Sock Monkey Blanket by Uncommon Goods

Choose for this very adorable blanket that comes in iconic hues of the sock monkey. It’s made from recycled materials. It is notable that Sock Money blankets are sewen from leftover fabrics collected from apparel and upholstery factories. This reduces the cloth waste. The blanket is made from75% recycled cotton and 25% acrylic. All scraps of fabric are used in the industry to minimize waste. This can cause soft blanket to come in reasonably different colors and patterns.


Natural Pacifier by Naturally Trendy

Pacifiers are sure to be lost or damaged soon. It’s always better to use a natural or biodegradable pacifier that can reduce the pressure on plastic waste.  This Naturally Trendy biodegradable pacifier is made from 100 percent natural rubber from the Hevea brasiliensis tree. They are free of the allergy-causing substances, artificial colors and other harsh chemicals. They are flexible, soft and durable than the silicone pacifiers currently available in the market. Pick your gift for $6.50.


Natursutten Chill-it Fish BPA-Free Teether from Organic Baby Gift Boutique

Teething time can never be an easy period. In a bid to make this natural process more comfortable, German retailer Natursutten has a chill-able teether for babies. This teethers can be filled with purified, sterilized water. They use refrigerated for reducing the blood flow in gums. Soft textures on the surface massage the gums and help the dentition. The item is BPA-free and contains no phthalates or chemical softeners. Priced at $11.75.


Reclaimed Wool Stuffed Animals by Uncommon Goods

One of the cutest examples of how to use reused materials is this handmade animals made from reclaimed sweaters.  Woolen material you used to dump earlier can be put to us for making soft and adorable toys. This reclaimed fabric is cleaned and detoxified to produce a unique addition to the nursery. This idea sparked from a Canadian artist Josh Title when he became a proud parent. The stuffed animals are devoid of sharp edges or detachable pieces, which make it safer for your child Priced at  $29.99.

Which one of these suggested by folks at Earth911 would you want to buy?

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