World’s First Zero-Carbon Data Center Coming Up in Iceland

Though Iceland has a suffering economy, that is not going to keep the country from choosing an eco-friendly path. The city of Keflavik, in Iceland, will soon become home to the world’s first zero-carbon data center. The data center, commissioned by UK start-up Verne Global (a data hosting company), is going to be constructed by Colt which is a telecom and IT group.


The 5,400 sq ft facility will be powered completely by geothermal and hydroelectric power. As many as 37 prefabricated components will be transferred to the project site for completing the center, and the center will be composed of glass and steel climate-controlled boxes. These boxes will be arranged inside a shell building.

The center will definitely be power hungry. The servers will consume large amounts of electricity, and they also have to be constantly cooled to prevent overheating.


The Icelandic air will prove to be a great advantage since it will help reduce the data center‘s energy needs by cooling the servers.

The Keflavik data center project will be completed in just 4 months and the center will be connected to both the US and Europe via multiple high-speed cables. Verne Global has also announced that the center’s capacity will be expanded as demand grows.

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