West Hollywood Unites ‘Fur’ a Noble Cause

The City Council of West Hollywood has decided to do something good for all our furry friends out there. The Council, which comprises more than 200 people and a Shih Tzu named Zach, has unanimously voted against the sale of fur in the city. The ban also includes any apparel that has been made “in whole or part from the pelt or skin of an animal with hair, wool, or fur”.


The people of West Hollywood have always been famous for their love for animals. You might know that declawing cats, and buying dogs and cats are illegal in this city. Now, it has reached one step closer to becoming the first US city to take a stand against cruelty to animals for the sake of fashion.

But the news has come as a big blow for fur business owners. They are claiming that the ban is unconstitutional and infringes on their freedom.


It will take a bit more time for the ban to take effect. The ordinance must receive a second reading. And also the council is yet to decide whether the ban applies to the sale of used clothing as well.

It has to be seen how the ban will affect high-end luxury retailers such as Alexander McQueen, Vivienne Westwood, and Fendi, all of which have outlets in the city.

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