Volkswagen Nils Electric Concept Car on Road to Frankfurt

Here’s more from Frankfurt’s dazzling venue. A fresh urban concept will debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show in a while. After Audi, it is the turn of German auto-giant Volkswagen to declare the details of their one-seater plug-in car –Nils – before its formal debut in Frankfurt.  Just rumor-backed info two weeks ago, VW’s mini car comes across as a comparatively light and driver-oriented vehicle than a luxury vehicle.


Nils reminds us of the 1L concept which VW presented at Frankfurt 2 years ago. Nils has a body which is 3.04m long, and is just 0.39m wide from wheel to wheel and a mere 1.2m tall, which is obviously shorter than a Porsche 911.

A perfect city commuter, which is just big enough to beat a large motorbike, has its four 17 inch alloy wheel stuck out of the main body. This is wise engineering as its protruding wheels improves the maneuverability of the vehicle and compliments its petite body structure.


The vehicle weighs over 1014 pounds and is one of the best electric concepts offering an energy-efficient option to locomote between home and work.

Nils derives its motivation from the 5.3 kWh lithium-ion battery pack which transfers power to a compact electric motor that weighs around 42 lb and gives an output of 33 hp.

It approximately takes 2 hours to charge from zero, which means it will not be having range comparable to Nissan’s Leaf. But it offers a 40 miles/65 kilometer run on a single charge and can accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in just 11 seconds. It uses a one-speed transmission and a top speed of 80 mph making it bespoken for city commuting.

Nils look elegant with its sturdy aluminum spaceframe finish at the exterior. The bumpers and the trim panels on the side sills are made of high-strength plastic, while the front window is made of laminated safety glass.

The door windows are made of lightweight, scratch-resistant, layered polycarbonate whereas, bootspace and the front bulkhead are made of high-strength sheet aluminum.


Nils is equipped with latest safety attributes like laser-controlled cruise control, hazard avoidance systems and a full safety cell that makes it a safer option than a motor vehicle.

Though Nils is impressive with diminutive size, central driving position and portable gadget-centric dashboard, we are not sure if commuters will gladly give it a stamp of acceptance. We say this because most of us are used to 4 & 5-seater hatchbacks.

Wait for added details as we try and get you more from the Frankfurt podium.

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