Toyota Prius People Person Commercial is Creepy [Videos]

The new Prius People Person commercial from Toyota is a bit creepy, although it’s well made. The commercial features a Godzilla-sized man (or whatever you can call it) made of people. The commercial starts with our giant man waking up. After finishing all his morning chores, he steps outside of his house and is shocked to find that his Toyota Prius has morphed into four vehicles: a regular Prius, Prius V, Prius C concept and Prius Plug-In. Mr. People Person quickly disintegrates into normal sized people who leave in the vehicles.


The company’s narrative behind the commercial states:

Not long ago, there was one model of Prius for everyone to share. But now that one Prius has become a family: There’s one for everyone. There’s the original one, the bigger one, the smaller one and the one that plugs in. They’re all a little different, just like us.

The ad was created with actual actors, loads of computer animation and a miniature set.

Although creepy, the ad does convey the message that Toyota wants to spread. Maybe the company is trying to convince people that the idea of four cars at a single household is cool.

We have added two videos below. One is the original ad, and the other one is the making of it. Check both the videos and don’t forget to place your comments in the box.

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