This Rain Coat Harvests Rain Water and Turns it into Potable Drinking Water [Video]

Here is a rain coat which at once harvests rain water and purifies it into potable drinking water. This hooded slicker is designed by two students of Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design, Hyeona Yang and Joshua Noble. The multitasking garment uses a system of charcoal and chemical filters to create potable water, which is stored around the hips for weight distribution without strain.


It is also stored around the shoulders and pockets of the coat. Tubes woven into the raincoat allow the wearer to drink the collected water. Instead of hiding the tubes, Yang and Noble opted to flaunt them.

The garment is designed as a water pack for backpackers who have little access to drinking water on their month-long journeys.

Raincatch could also be used by citizens of emerging countries who have limited access to clean, purified drinking water due to pollution and contamination.

As water scarcity becomes more acute and weather patterns become as mercurial as a weathercock, every drop of water will matter.

Here’s a video on that:

Raincatch from Hyeona Yang on Vimeo.

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