The Almighty at Sea as Mother Nature Turns Waste Dump: Who is to Blame?

Concern for the environment continues to be thrown to the wind, with festivals taking center-stage. Even after repeated requests from the authorities, NGOs and the general public to keep the environment clean and safe, distorted minds carry on with their task of maligning Mother Nature. The Ganesh festival and the immersion of the idols made with not-so-nature-friendly materials have added to the woes of almost all beaches and water bodies across India. The couple of images we clicked for you from the Shankhumughom beach in the Kerala capital of Trivandrum paint a picture of irreverence and irresponsible behavior.



Irreverent, we say, because till a day before the immersion the elephant headed idol was God, and the day-after saw Ganesha all abandoned and nowhere to go.

Irresponsible behavior sees the depths when such irreverence gets  enacted in the name of worship. The beach still remains contaminated and we just wish the faithful who left their God at sea, would come back and clean up the mess.

When do we learn to be more responsible?  Give us your take on that.

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