South African Tree House is a Celebration of Trees

A Tree House in South Africa, designed by Van Der Merwe Miszewski Architects, stands near Table Mountain in Cape Town under a canopy of pine trees. The 2,475 square foot three-storey family home has been designed to celebrate the beauty and importance of the trees in the country. The luxurious Tree House is located in a lush area next to a valley and stream. Inspired by the trees surrounding the area, the architects created five tree-like structures to anchor the roof to the ground. A lightweight transparent steel and glass enclosure surrounds these structures.

Tree House by Van Der Merwe Miszewski Architects 2

The enclosure is supported on a stone base. Since the house is encased in transparent material, the beauty of the surrounding trees is brought into every room.

The exterior walls are mostly floor-to-ceiling glass curtains. Sliding glass doors are also installed in the house enabling guests to open the entire wall to bring in fresh air from the outside.

In the house, visitors can also enjoy a collection of contemporary sculpture. Take a peek at all the photos we have added below, and be sure to place your comments in the box below.

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