Rooted Treehouse in Extremadura Hides Amidst Branches of a Large Oak Tree

This is something we would like to own. Once you read this, chances are that you might also second our thoughts. Spanish delight among the leaves and branches is what we would love to call it. In Extremadura, Spain you will be amazed to see a house constructed between the branches of a 100-year-old oak tree. The Rooted treehouse is an ideal place for the children to play and the grown-ups to relax and enjoy.


The home hidden among the leaves and branches is intelligently supported by the extra stabilizers on the deck and enclosed spaces, reducing the impact on the tree. The eco-friendly house covered in a heather-like material and raw cork bark depends on the natural daylight.

The architects affirm that a single branch or stick was not cut for the beautiful house as they carefully designed a 3D model of the house along with the tree by the photogrammetry method.

You can only see the oak tree, which neatly hides the house from vision. The central space is fixed as the main tree room and the porch build with incorporated branches give natural feeling.

The leafed branches which are integrated between the roofs provide a cool shade for the house. Multiple grounded supports acts as the additional foundations.


You can move inside the house through a rope ladder, a bridge, a slide and a back stairway heading to the side window.

The smartly-built windows fill the room with the sunlight. The roof is inter-mixed with the heather on top and the long strips of raw cork bark. The cork material offers resistance against the weather and provides humidity with the mosses and lichens. The smartly build house has been designed by the Alicante-based Urbanarbolismo.  Hats off to their design! We just wish we had one for ourselves too.

More pictures of the Rooted tree house here.

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