Roads will Charge Your Electric Vehicle in the Near Future

We have good news for those of you who are planning to buy an electric vehicle in the near future, but are worried about the troubles that it brings with it such as its charging time. Not too much time from now, we might be able to charge these EVs with the road while driving. Those of you who know about an EV might know that not only is the range on these vehicles ridiculously short, but it takes too much time to get charged, which is very inconvenient.


As you might know, the concept of roads charging an EV while driving is not new. The talk about it has been going on for some time. And now, Toyota Central R&D Labs has tied up with the Toyohashi University of Technology and they have started research on the matter.

But what they are talking about seems to be similar to solutions that were suggested in the past, such as the picture above which is the concept from a German technology company, Ingenieurgesellschaft Auto und Verkehr.

The solution involves installing metal plates under the surface of the roads. The metal plates, which will be electrified, will “up-convert” energy via a radio frequency to steel belts built into the car’s tires.

Researchers say that if this turns out to be a success, the future EVs will be a whole lot lighter than those that are available on the market today since they will require smaller battery packs. Presently, the testing of the system is done using low voltages.

But this plan also brings some troubles with it. Digging up the roads and installing metal plates will take a lot of time and the cost will be high as well.

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