River Hooghly Has a Reason to Smile; Durga Puja Treads Eco-Friendly Path

We have good news for all the people who are really worried about the pollution that is created on Durga Puja days. This year, the festival will be conducted in an environment-friendly manner. As you might know, Durga Puja involves the immersion of thousands of idols of Durga in the Hooghly River. This increases the pollution in the river, posing danger to marine as well as human life.


The offerings mainly include non-biodegradable wastes such as plastic flowers and solid wastes like idol frames, and the paints that are used on idols have always been toxic. All these pollutants end up in the river.

So far, the pollution- control board in the country has been finding it difficult to get to a solution for the problem. But it appears that efforts to put an end to the pollution process have already begun.

Idol makers of Kumartuli, which is the main centre of clay idol makers in Kolkata, have started using a special paint which is free from lead, mercury and chromium on the idols.


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These eco-friendly paints have been formulated by one of the leading paint companies. Efforts have also begun to convince the festival organisers to take necessary steps to stop the dumping of non- biodegradable waste in the river.

Conventional incandescent bulbs are being replaced with LED lamps. These lamps will produce dazzling illumination and are environment-friendly as well.

Wishing our Indian readers a pollution-free Durga Puja.

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