Poop Power: Google Pumps in Support for Pig Poo Power Plant

You might have already read that Google has been carbon neutral since 2007. The search major has no plans to stop their effort in reducing carbon foot print. The continuance of green initiatives has come to the fore again with Google announcing plans to invest in generating  renewable energy from something many would frown at – Pig Excreta. The internet giant feels no harm in making use of it, however. The company has in fact welcomed new research for producing energy from pig poop.


The project which is realized in collaboration with the Duke University and Duke Energy, will have Google pumping in a share of the money needed for five years. The poo-powered methane power plant will use poop from 9,000 hogs for energy generation. It is being said that much amount of pig poop will be capable of producing enough electric power to run 35 homes for an entire year. Aren’t you amazed?

This facility developed recently is located outside of Winston-Salem, and utilizes the methane expelled from the rotting pig poop to burn the gas. And, the burnt gas is utilized to power a turbine, which creates electricity.

The model plant built is estimated to be worth $1.2 million. Apart from giving renewable energy, the plant also significantly cuts down on greenhouse gas emissions. The plant utilizes and works on burning methane – a powerful greenhouse gas which is discharged by pig waste while it decomposes. This means that it saves atmosphere from methane directly released from pig poop.


With adequate investment coming from Google, the plant will now go in for full fledged operation. In effect, the operation will halt 5,000 metric tons equivalent of carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere each year.

This new investment in the poo-to-power plant will give the Google additional carbon offset credits. Looks like Google is into ‘green’ in a major way. What say?

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