Peugeot HX1 Hybrid Concept is Ultimately Masculine and Yet Curvy; Loves to be Green [Video]

We all knew this sleek beauty was coming, right? Lots have been spoken about the Peugeot revelation that would get underway when the Frankfurt Motor Show gets going. The high profile motoring event is already on and Peugeot showing off their latest model with much vanity. With a smart craft from the design guru Gilles Vidal injected into their vehicles, the brand has continued to exhibit their adventurous maturity in the new HX1 concept.


The 6-seat concept was revealed with plenty of novel features. The vehicle gets power from Peugeot’s through-the-road Hybrid4 technology, along with a 2.2-liter HDi diesel engine, efficient than the automaker’s 2.0-liter oil burner.

Peugeot boasts that HX1 combines both good power 299 bhp along with the low fuel consumption of 73.5 miles per gallon equivalent (US). It is also notable that the CO2 emission of car is only 83 grams per kilometer.

With the plug-in feature, the hybrid Peugeot HX1 can run for around 18.6 miles solely using the electric power.

Coming to the exterior design, the car comes across as quite special. The HX1 has its windscreen pulled far up to the facade, and that makes it unique in design. It has also equipped four unusual scissor doors and borrowed many elements from the characters of a typical MPV.


The HX1 uses these elements to reinvent an elegant styling for a new hybrid concept. Tail lights and bumpers apparently sport an unconventional design. Clever integration of aerodynamic elements adapts with speed and driving conditions.

The car has an awesomely large interior space and comes with an original modular design with its unique 4+2 configuration. The passenger compartment combines style and class with natural materials and ultra-high technological specifications.



Another remarkable innovation is the accommodation of the second-row seats. The HX1 has rear seats plainly pulled right out of the back side of the front seats.

Though the company is vague about a production model of the HX1, we tend to think masculine cars can be built as hybrids too. And so, we are waiting for a formal announcement. Join us as we looking for more on that.



Before we sign off, let’s also show you an amazing video that details the concept. Hit the play button below, sit back and enjoy the virtual ride.

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