PETA Takes to the Catwalk with Call to Dump Fur Fashion

Fur is forbidden. PETA knows that very well and has been vociferous against the practice of wearing fur and skin of animals. The protests reached a zenith down under recently when the Spring Fashion Week was underway at Melbourne. The message was loud and clear: Fur looks better on its owners than on human beings.

PETA protest

Members of PETA Australia climbed on to the catwalk in Melbourne to protest against fashion models wearing and showcasing fur. Holding aloft sign cards that read “Fur is Dead”, PETA members were successful enough to  pull fur from all shows in the fashion week’s schedule.

The protests were against Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology student designer Molly Herben who had brought to the show rabbit fur designed clothes. PETA was able to make organizers intervene and stop her show before they hit the ramp.

Loder's design with feathers
Loder's design with feathers

It wasn’t just Herben who was made to kill her fur showcasing. Designer Jack Loder, who had brought in dresses made of impala fur and leather, and embellished with exotic feathers, was also made to stop his show from hitting the catwalk.

Loder abandoned the fur and exotic feather designed dresses in no time.  Win for PETA, but will fur clothes be dumped forever.  Will animal deaths in the name of fashion ever end?

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