Opel RAK e Electric Car Concept Showcased at Frankfurt; May Go into Production

Happy news awaits Opel fans much after the disappointment created by the abandonment of the Junior Mini. We have now got hint from the makers that the RAK e will be headed for production soon. The Opel RAK e was unwrapped at the 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show by GM. The company thinks RAK e is a very serious concept and that they see a prospect of it moving to production.


It is reckoned that a price tag of £9,000 (around $14,216) including England’s massive Value Added Tax would come along.

Momentum for the RAK e is offered from a 49-horsepower electric motor that draws power from a 5-kWh lithium-ion battery pack with a peak power output of 36.5 kW/49 hp.

The RAK e has a respectable range of 62 miles (100 km) and operating costs of one Euro per 100 kilometers ($2.19 per 100 miles). It weighs around 380 kg (838 lbs), which is about one third the weight of a modern small car.

RAK e is believed to have been made by with production in mind. We guess the new RAK e could easily fill in the gap created by Opel’s recently-abandoned plug-in edition of the Junior Mini, which was anticipated to arrive 2013. The car was dropped citing excessively high costs.

We are now excited with the RAK e almost crossing the production barrier. However, we guess it would take a while before the electric car drives into US terrain. Watch this space.

In the meanwhile, here are some more pictures of the concept car.




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