Mitsubishi Minicab MiEV to Wear Nissan Garb by 2012

E-concept vehicles are growing in a rapid pace. The electric driven automobiles which are really a convincing solution for the energy crisis are garnering more popularity among the vehicle manufacturers. The latest on that terrain is that the automaker Nissan has joined hands with the Mitsubishi Motors to widen the scope of their OEM supply agreements in Japan.


Both the companies have earlier made a core agreement in December 2010. As to strengthen this deal, the automakers have now agreed with two new OEM projects. By these new projects the companies will interchange the badges on the two vehicles- the Nissan Fuga and the Mitsubishi Minicab MiEV.

Starting from the summer of 2012, Nissan will give the luxury Fuga to the Mitsubishi Motors.

In return Mitsubishi will provide the Minicab MiEV commercial mini EV to Nissan. The electric vehicle- MiEV with a 62- or 93-mile range comes with a base price of about 2 million yen after the government subsidies in Japan.

To increase mutual cooperation between the companies, Nissan had earlier agreed to deliver the NV200 Vanette compact van to Mitsubishi Motors from October 2011. Along with this in June 2011 the joint venture NMKV Co. Ltd was also established.

The new vehicles will be going on sale only in Japan. Hope this cooperation will be extended to other countries as well, so that they too get a chance to enjoy the new e-vehicles from both the automakers.

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