Looking for Emission-Free Two-Wheel Rides? Check Out the BMW Motorrad Concept E [Images & Videos]

It isn’t just the four wheeled beauties that are taking over Frankfurt. Amazing creations of the two-wheeled kind have descended at the famed motor show platform, and they are alluring to the core. Among the many creations, BMW has also come up with the BMW Motorrad Concept E, a new electric scooter at the 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show.


The German motor company, which, of late, focuses more on the eco-friendly cars and bikes, assures that this new motorcycle is an all-electric emissions-free two wheeler.

The bike ideal for urban transportation can also cover longer distances with some catching speed ranges.

Now, here are some of the impressive features that the scooter boats of. The 60 volt electric engine can cover a range of 60 miles and ensures a competing performance with the 400-500cc commuter motorcycle.

The high capacity battery can be completely charged from a standard 110 volt power socket within three hours.

bmw-e-scooter20A traditional telescopic front suspension fits the front of the scooter, whereas the rear comes with the automaker’s trademark design – the single-sided swing arm.

The bike comes with a unique aerodynamic style, sporting the concept’s name on the sides of the neon green panels. It is equipped with twin rear-facing video cameras replacing the normal rear-view mirrors.

You can see the images from both the cameras on two identical LCD monitors in the cockpit. From the LCD monitors the rider will get the surrounding traffic details, battery charge level, range and the other important information of the scooter.

We feel this e-scooter, which promises a smooth and safe ride with some awesome features, is apt for a two-passenger travel. What do you think?

Here are a handful of pictures of the new BMW concept e-scooter courtesy of Autobloggreen.






Let’s also show you a couple of videos too before you start scribbling your comments down in the space provided below.

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