Levi’s Unveils the World’s Oldest Pair of Jeans; Costs $150,000

If you are planning to throw out your old pair of jeans that is there in the back of your closet, you better think twice. It might be worth more than you think. Levi’s has just shown off what was hidden deep inside its vault: the world’s oldest pair of—100 percent organic—jeans. And it costs a fortune. This pair of dungarees, which dates back to the year 1879, is worth $150,000. That is more expensive than gold with the same weight.


Levi Strauss and his partner Jacob Davis had patented the first pair of riveted denim jeans in 1872. So, this ancient treasure isn’t far removed from the founders’ original vision.

And the company does take intense care while handling the pair of pants. The handler, Downey who was wearing white gloves, carefully unfolded the 132-year-old jeans, while explaining about their beautifully detailed creases and the distinctive buckle-back cinch.


Levi’s also let us take a peek at their fall pieces, including its brand-new “Commuter” cycling jeans, the limited-edition “Made in the U.S.A.” line, and the latest “Water‹Less” denim styles.

The offerings from the “Made in the U.S.A.” line were our favourites. Those were made from handcrafted selvage ringspun denim from White Oak Cone Mills in North Carolina.

The company has announced its expectations to expand the collection significantly throughout the season.

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