Kelly Brook Dons Snake Avatar for PETA Campaign

Whose Skin Are You In? That’s the query Kelly Brook poses to everyone out here. If you haven’t been confronted with the question as yet, it will soon. For, British cover model and actress Kelly Brook will soon be hurling the question at you, wherever you are. Clad in an outfit that makes her look like a slithering creature, this is Kelly’s stint with PETA, and obviously, aims at lending a voice against the killing of animals for their skin.


Kelly, who was seen in the horror-comedy hit Piranha 3-D, has donned the snake avatar for the new PETA campaign which was shot by singer Bryan Adams in his London studio. The stripped down beauty was painted like a snake. And, the slogan reads thus:

“Whose Skin Are You In? Animals Belong in the Wild, Not In Your Wardrobe.”

The new Kelly Brook PETA campaign will soon hop on to billboards and campaign slots all over. Brook seems to have perfectly got into the skin of the campaign when she says it makes her “skin crawl to think about the violent ways snakes, lizards, alligators and other exotic creatures are raised and killed for boots, bags and belt.”

The new message will also aim at supporting the designers who are creative without being destructive. That would mean they will be encouraged to go “for the great fakes that pay tribute to the animals’ beauty without killing them.”

If you aren’t still aware of the cold-blooded killing of snakes and other slithering beauties of the animal world, take a look at the PETA video (posted below) that discusses the issue.

Once you get to know of the violent deaths these animals are subjected to, you would want to listen to Kelly Brook, at least now. Tell us what you would do to stop the killings.

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