India Spending on Green IT & Sustainability to Reach $70 Billion by 2015

Did you know this? India will be spending $70 billion by the year 2015 on green information technology and sustainability initiatives. The total amount  spend for such initiatives in the country stood at $35 billion in 2010. According to a new study by Gartner, the country’s Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Industry is expected to be the early adopter of green IT and sustainability solutions.


As you already know, there is currently an increasing global focus on energy efficiency, energy security, green IT, and sustainability issues. This has now made the executive leadership in the technology sector in India to take necessary steps to track, report and manage sustainable and resource-efficient business practices.

According to Gartner’s report “Hype Cycle for Green IT and Sustainability in India, 2011”, such initiatives will become top priorities for businesses, investors, and technology professionals across industries and policymakers in the country, although many are still not bothered about such ideas.

Sectors such as banking, financial services, hospitality, manufacturing and pharmaceuticals are also expected to make an early move toward eco-friendly ways.

Some of the companies have already started to develop strategies for better energy management, while not compromising on the growth or deployment of the latest technologies. Such improvements are already visible in data centres, manufacturing facilities, and public buildings throughout India.

It is expected that many Indian companies will initially adapt solutions that have been proved successful in developed countries. These solutions will later be tailored to the Indian market’s needs. Head here for more on that.

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