How to Kill a Giant Wasp While Driving the Epic Amp ATV [Video]

Did you know driving an EV can save your life from giant wild wasp? We know you are wondering how this is possible? Just click the play button on the new video promo (posted after the jump) that details the off-road strength of the Epic Amp ATV. Epic goes out of the way to exhibit the sturdiness of the new electric four-wheeler which it does ‘silently’. The California-based automaker’s 6 minute long Amp promo features two hunters driving a rugged Epic Amp ATV. They, in the course of their journey, is followed by a giant wasp, probably intending to slay them!

Epic Amp 4

The hunters drive through the wild grounds. The drive is long enough and the video shows us the tough brawny features of the Amp, which apparently challenges any IC engine vehicle in the same range.

The Amp has a 5-speed manual transmission mated to a four wheel drive system. It is an all electric and therefore has peak power even at 0 RPM. It gets its acceleration from a 9-inch DC electric motor motivated by a six safe-lithium batteries from Flux Power.

The battery system features an integrated battery management system to gauge (and track) battery discharge and charging. Apart from the silent mode feature, it claims top speed over 40mph. Its 14.4 kWh battery pack is said to procure 60 miles of range

Epic Amp 3

Are you still wondering what happened to the duo and wasp? Or do you just want to witness the off-road abilities of Amp?  Either way, check out the video to watch how the duo ends up with wasp on the tough electric-only Amp ATV.

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