Guinness World Record Holding Pets; These Animals Can Leave You Wonderstruck!

Are you someone who has dreams about holding a Guinness World Record? Not interested? Maybe your pet is. All of the animals on our list below are amazing creatures. While some of these pets were born with extraordinary qualities, others have trained hard to develop the remarkable skills that have made them famous. Check out these awesome cats and dogs which have become a part of Guinness World Record history.

Longest Tongue

Pets with Guinness World Records 2

Puggy, which is a male Pekingese, is currently holding the world record for the longest dog tongue. The dog has a 4.5 inches long tongue. Now that’s long.

Puggy lives in Texas with Becky Stanford, who had taken in Puggy as a puppy when he was abandoned by a breeder because of his looks. From the picture, you can understand that the dog’s tongue is a mouthful. Since Puggy chews with his tongue, Stanford has to chop his food into smaller pieces.

But Puggy’s tongue is not actually the longest ever. The longest is a 17 inch tongue which belonged to a boxer named Brandy.

Longest Cat

Pets with Guinness World Records 4

How tall were you when you were 6 years old? This fluffy feline from Reno, which holds the record for the longest cat in the world, is a Maine Coon and he is 6 years old. The cat measures 48.5 inches (little longer than 4 feet) long from the tip of his nose to the end of his tail bone.

Most Tennis Balls in Mouth

Pets with Guinness World Records 3

This 8-year-old golden retriever, Augie, holds the record for the most number of tennis balls in the mouth at the same time. Augie can gather and hold five tennis balls in her mouth at one time. Please don’t try this at home.

Most Flying Discs Caught

Pets with Guinness World Records 5

Your dog might be good at catching a Frisbee. But this record holder is an expert at it. Rose is a 6-year-old Labrador retriever/border collie mix owned by Edward Watson. If you throw seven Frisbees separately at this dog, she will catch and hold onto all of it, and she will not be dropping any of it.

Tallest Dog

Pets with Guinness World Records 6

I wonder how this dog got its name. Giant George, a Great Dane from Arizona, currently holds two world records : tallest living dog and tallest dog ever. George, who is owned by David Nasser, is 43 inches tall. The owner keeps the dog’s fans up to date with the dog’s activities via his website and YouTube.

Smallest Dog

Pets with Guinness World Records 7

Boo Boo, a long-haired female Chihuahua, is the smallest living dog in the world. Boo Boo, which lives in Raceland with her owner Lana Elswick, is just 4 inches tall and weighs in at 2 pounds (no, we are not kidding).

First Bionic Leg Implants

Pets with Guinness World Records 8

This would have been a sad story if it wasn’t for the advancements in science. Oscar the cat had met with an accident and his hind legs got chopped off. He is now the first animal to have received two bionic leg implants. His implants were drilled into what remained of his original legs. He is now an indoor cat since his prosthetic legs are not suited for an outside environment.

Balloon Popping

Pets with Guinness World Records 9

Anastasia, the Jack Russell terrier from Los Angeles, lives with her owner Doree Sitterly. She trained Anastasia to pop balloons and now she holds the world record in the event. She can pop 100 balloons in 44.49 seconds. But creating the record was just the start of Anastasia’s fame. She has also been featured on “Live with Regis Kelly”, and starred in a variety of commercials, web advertisements and print campaigns.

Highest Jump

Pets with Guinness World Records 10

Cinderella May, a greyhound owned by Kate Long and Kathleen Conroy, is the world record holder for the highest jump. Cindy, as her owners call her, cleared 68 inches at the Purina Incredible Dog Challenge National Finals in October 2006. But she is more than just a world record jumper. She is also a R.E.A.D.-certified therapy dog.

Oldest Dog

Pets with Guinness World Records 11

This dog has seen more sunsets than many of us. Bluey holds the record for the oldest dog at 29 years and 5 months of age. Les Hall of Victoria, Australia, got him as a puppy in 1910. The dog worked as a cattle dog for nearly 20 years before being put to sleep in the year 1939.

Tallest Cat

Pets with Guinness World Records 12

The world record for the tallest domesticated cat is held by Scarlett’s Magic, who is an F1 Savannah cat. Magic measures in at 17.1 inches from shoulder to toe. In case you don’t know, a Savannah cat is a hybrid domestic cat breed that is a cross between a domestic cat and a Serval, which is an African wild cat.

Balancing Glass of Water

Pets with Guinness World Records 13

Sweet Pea is an Australian shepherd/border collie. Now, this dog holds some of the strangest records ever. It is the world record holder for the most steps walked down by a dog facing forward while balancing a 5-ounce glass of water. Sweet Pea managed 10 steps. It also holds the record for the fastest 100 meters walked by a dog with a can balanced on its head (2 minutes and 55 seconds).

Loudest Purr

Pets with Guinness World Records 14

Smokey, a gray tabby cat, holds the record for the loudest purr. Smokey got into the Guinness Book of Records with a purr that measured 67.7 decibels. But this cat has also been recorded on previous occasions with a purr that measured 92.7 decibels. This is equivalent to the noise made by a lawnmower or a hairdryer.

Fastest Skateboard Ride

Pets with Guinness World Records 15

Tillman can easily be called the Tony Hawk of the canine world. This English bulldog holds the world record for the fastest skateboard ride ever. Tillman travelled a 100-meter stretch of parking lot in just 19.68 seconds during the 2009 X Games in Los Angeles.

Most Dogs Skipping Rope

Pets with Guinness World Records 16

The dogs owned by Uchida Geinousha are the main attraction of the Super Wan Wan Circus in Japan. The world record for most dogs skipping rope is owned by thirteen of her dogs.

Now tell us, do you have a pet who is talented too?

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