Green Nuptials: Couples Go Green with Eco-Friendly Wedding Ideas

Modern day brides and grooms are becoming increasingly aware of the problems that are plaguing the environment, and they are striving to come up with ideas for becoming as eco-friendly as possible. Many of them have teamed up with wedding planners to come up with simple, but effective eco-friendly ideas.


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In the olden days, weddings that were simpler were born out of necessity than love. Today, the love for nature is making couples change their special day into one that is unique by coming up with environment-friendly ways to conduct their weddings.

From using recycled paper for printing purposes to the usage of local and seasonal food and flowers on wedding day, more and more couples and wedding planners are bringing environmentally-based changes to the way weddings are being conducted.

While one couple found the elimination of wrapping paper at the wedding shower to be a good way for helping the environment, a few others made donations to charities in place of table favors.


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Restoring and restyling of vintage wedding gowns are also becoming popular. So now, the dress that has been lying in your grandmother’s attic can be cleaned, restyled and effectively recycled.

Many brides are also finding ways to eliminate as much unnecessary waste as possible whenever they can. The brides are doing their best to avoid making attendants spend money on something that might end up in their closet for years.

Some  say this recycling trend will stick around for quite a while. Let’s sincerely just hope  it does.

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