Fashion Accessories Carved Out from Defunct Bicycle Tyre Tubes in Vogue

Recycling is in. The fashion industry is very much into it, and I don’t have to tell you that right? Take for instance this amazing initiative kicked off by Urban Lace. As you all know, Urban Lace has already made deep impressions on the chic books of the youth. Let me tell you, the latest set of Urban Lace designs is really chic! Items including the filigreed cuffs, necklaces, earrings, belts and masks are cut out from materials that you don’t associate with body accessories – bicycle tyres.


Yes, the fashion manifestations that are now in vogue are framed out of the defunct inner tubes of bike tyres. Urban Lace has crafted these defunct materials to match the feminine fashion trends.

The brand, formerly known as Inner Beauty and the Portland, had its origin in 2006, when the designer Barbi Touron made a crafty venture in her garage, on one of her friend’s request. It was not long before her creation was popularized via mouth publicity and she was swamped with new orders.



Later on, Aaron Shear joined Barbi in May 2011, and they formed a fantastic team. They had their first office set at proprietor’s home in Portland, Orego and worked up to form Urban Lace as it is today. To create the latest in fashion accessories, Urban Lace saves the cast off tyres from local bike shops, which would be otherwise be destined to waste bins. As the material is inner tube of tyres, they are water proof and tough.

The fashion accessories carved out of these tubes are all handmade and don’t follow a pattern. Instead, they speak the language of freedom and talent. What’s more, they also bring in an added organic feel to the accessories.

With all accessories made in black, you would agree black goes everything. Fashionistas, what more are you looking for?

Hey, if you have a female friend this could be one awesome gift you can give her. Go find out all those Urban Lace handmade items here so that you can pick a gift that will augment the chic element in her.

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