Dream Tree House in Florence Takes You on a Fantasy Trip

Blending with the historical aesthetics of Florence city, a new construction has sprouted in the hills overlooking it. The charming yet mature, sophisticated yet simple, abode captures everybody’s attention in this beautiful locale. Though it is more like a tree hut, the house meets all the contemporary needs — with a bedroom, a bathroom, and a kitchen. The house is the fulfillment of the long forgotten dream of a couple made possible by the talented designer Riccardo Barthel.


Initially planned to design a home by the Florence couple  for their two children to play in,  it was later dropped for some unknown reasons. Now, after years, they updated their old dream to make it a home for guests to stay.

The property is minus trees, which the builder hails as ‘the right character’. Very soon, he made a support structure with a coppice of pines and olives, which were physically strong. He said that he took generic inspiration from the universal structure of water tower.

The new structure is 8 feet 6 inches high above the ground. The materials used include glass, rusted iron, and recycled pine in­cluding old scaffolding and the tops of worktables. “It’s not the kind of wood normally used for buildings,” Interior Design Magazine quotes him as saying. .

Yet another attraction is the steep iron staircase swirling up to the tree house which Riccardo Barthel & C designed out of their interest in nautical design. These elegant steps lead to the deck that holds up the 370 square-foot octagonal house.


The inspiration for the cupola on the roof is Filippo Brunelleschi’s Duomo. The historical structure is located in the area where Barthel maintains a studio and a spacious workshop. The Cathedral Ceiling of the house is finished with narrow logs of wood, whereas the floor is simply a continuation of the planks of the decking. The spacious interior is wisely used to have the necessary requirements of a house.

The single room is aptly divided using bed’s 7-foot-high headboard, which is also a blackboard for spontaneous scribbles. Interestingly, wooden chests under the bed give the facility for personal storage. On the other side of the blackboard/headboard, we have the standard-size bathroom and the micro kitchen.

The bathroom, plush with lined sheets of iron, features a stainless-steel sink, nautical salvage, and a rain shower. Ample space is allotted for kitchen adorned with marble remnants.


Barthel has efficiently packed in another stainless steel sink, a zinc counter, a cook top, and a refrigerator. He has showed his liking for reused artifacts by providing vintage chairs for lounging, featuring cherry with leather seats, backs, and sling armrests. The panoramic view from the deck is fantabulous. The intimacy you feel in the enclave is incomparable.

The lemon-yellow and tangerine-orange chairs, once used by schoolteachers, make us nostalgic. Overall, it’s a nostalgic haven that calms your mind with Nature’s charm and fills you with inspiration.

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