CNG Vehicles to Push Petrol Guzzlers Off the Track Soon in India

Vehicles running on compressed natural gas (CNG) and diesel have started to become the favorites for the people of India. This change in trend has come at a time when the prices of petrol are rising frequently. It is expected that CNG will overtake petrol as the fuel that powers the majority of vehicles in India in the very near future.


This preference is not because of the people’s love for the environment but because of the fact that CNG is far cheaper than petrol. At the moment, a litre of petrol costs Rs 71, while one kg of CNG could be bought for just Rs 38.

Many vehicle owners have already converted their petrol-fueled automobiles into CNG-burning machines for saving some money. And CNG kit fitting centres across the country have started witnessing an increase in the number of customers who wish to convert their petrol cars into CNG ones.


Those who are planning to buy a four-wheeler in the future will most probably stick to a CNG or a diesel-driven vehicle, although diesel cars cost more than petrol ones. The maintenance costs of diesel cars are also higher.

Automobile makers have noted the present trend and have flooded the market with the CNG and diesel-run cars. All we wish is people  adopt the CNG mode of travel and seriously move closer towards a cleaner environment.

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