Cate Crusade for the Environment Kick Starts Huge Rain Water Harvesting System

When artists and scientists decided to come together, the result was a vast reservoir of pure rain water. Actress Cate Blanchett, the environmental crusader, was at the forefront of the effort and unveiled one of the world’s largest rainwater harvesting systems in Sydney, Australia.


The reservoir towers above others in another aspect also. It’s located on the roof of `Wharf’, a gargantuan building that is home to Sydney Theater Company and a number of other arts bodies. The installation is half the size of a football field. The system will save 3 million gallons of water each year and totally satisfy the non-potable water needs of all the tenants.

The famous actress says the project is a great example of the fruition of artists’ imagination and scientists’ experimentation. When imagination, creativity, experimentation and research blend, structures like this will emerge, showcasing the unimaginable possibilities of human endeavor, adds Blanchett.

Unless we judiciously use the boons nature shower on us, we will be forced to resort to comparatively unclean resources for our water needs, she hinted – for example, recycled waste water.


(Pic: JustJared)

The rainwater harvesting system is the latest sustainable addition to a theater company already recognized as one of the greenest in the world. Last year, Blanchett and her husband Andrew Upton, who serve as the company’s artistic directors, celebrated the installation of Australia’s second-largest photovoltaic rooftop array.

The $5.2 million project, featuring over 1,900 solar panels, is expected to provide 70% of the building’s energy needs.

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