Beware, Pollution Can Trigger Heart Attacks

It appears like smokers are not the only ones having the risk of heart attacks. A new study suggests that inhaling pollution from cars is just as deadly. It has been found that inhalation of emissions from vehicles might increase the likelihood of a heart attack, even six hours after exposure. Earlier, air pollution had been linked to many health problems such as infertility, breathing disorders and even depression. And some studies had also revealed that breathing in pollution was causing serious damage to the human cardiovascular system.


Now, new studies have provided enough evidence to support that inhaling particulate matter from cars within a short period of time might lead to a deadly heart attack.

The British Medical Journal has said that a study conducted by researchers from London’s School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine has found that a small but measurable increase in the number of heart attack victims was found to be related to air pollution.

The researchers had done the study by analyzing the cases of nearly 80,000 heart attack victims. They compared the time and location of the attack with records of ambient air pollution from the U.K. National Air Quality Archive.

Available data suggests that premature deaths, due to exposure to air pollution, of some 29,000 people happen every year in the UK alone. The number will be mind-boggling if we take the global death toll.

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