Awesome Solar-Powered 3D Printer Needs Just Sun & Sand to Work

An impressive piece of innovation, a solar-powered 3D printer, has been showcased at the London Design Festival. This amazing printer, which was created by Markus Kayser, just needs the sun and sand to work. Earlier, you might have seen some shots of the 3D printer being tested in Egypt. Now, we bring you a few close-ups of the machine being showcased at the Royal College of Art – Markus Kayser’s alma mater. The machine utilizes the sun’s rays which are beamed onto sand. The sand is then transformed into fascinating glass objects of different variety.

Amazing Solar-Powered 3D Printer Showcased at the London Design Festival 2The new printer comes equipped with parts such as a fresnel lens that helps in concentrating the solar beams, and a couple of small photovoltaic panels. There is also an electric box/battery covered in aluminum foil, and a sun tracker.

At the exhibition, we also saw some of the products that were made using the printer, such as a silica sculpture, a bowl and a plate.

But these products are just a start, believes Kayser who sees even greater possibilities. He has already expressed an interest in improving this technology for creating sustainable materials for constructing buildings in the future.

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