Waste Water Hydrogen Can Run Your Car; Head for Air Products’ Orange Country Installation to Find Out

How about fuelling your car with waste-water hydrogen? Well, before you write it of, read this. Air Products, one of the much acknowledged names in the hydrogen fuelling technology, has yet again come with a new renewable way for filling the fuel cell of your vehicle. Air Products, with around half a century of expertise in hydrogen technology development, has installed a fuel cell and hydrogen energy station in Orange Country California.


The station will be the first one of its kind that assimilate fuel from a wastewater plant located in close proximity and that can sustain itself and also fill the hydrogen vehicles.

Air Products charted out a definitive program for extracting maximum efficiency from waste water residue. Methane, which is released from the Orange County Sanitation District (OCSD) waste water facility, will be fed into a higher degree fuel cell manufactured by FuelCell Energy, Inc.

The hydrogen remnants in the process, which are not converted to electricity, is supplied to a cleanser to form hydrogen, purged to power the fuel cell vehicles.


This program, we get to know, will be able to pull out as much amount of hydrogen to produce 250 kilowatts of electricity a day for OSCD plant and to fuel 25 to 50 fuel cell vehicles. The process has amplified efficiency, as waste heat thus produced is captured for use.

An ideal example of how innovation could go a long way in the path of self sustainability, the process that converts human waste to meet electricity, and transportation fuel needs is indeed awesome.

We guess more of such technology development can obviously contribute to sustainable energy independence.

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