Schluckspecht E Runs 36 hours at a Stretch on a Single Charge

Heard of the Schluckspecht E? Chances are that you haven’t. Okay let’s tell you. The Schluckspecht E is a German designed car that has set a new benchmark for the plug-in vehicles while on its test drive. The Schluckspecht E hit the tracks of Bosch’s 2,945-meter (1.83-mile) test track at Boxberg in Germany and continuously sprinted for almost 36 hours and 12 minutes on a single charge.


Interestingly, the vehicle has been designed to handle a good deal of charge and aptly gets the  name Schluckspecht, which means the gobbler.

In that substantial amount of time, the Schluckspecht apparently covered 1,631.5 kilometers (1,013.8 miles). The 36-hour sprint was steered by four drivers who took turns to helm the vehicle.

Though at regular intervals the Schluckspecht will let the drivers switch positions, they notably did not do anything to recharge the 23-kWh lithium-cobalt battery pack during the laps.

The EV was built at the Offenburg University of Applied Sciences, in association with the Frauenhofter Institute for Transportation and Infrastructure Systems. Schluckspecht E sports an extremely aerodynamic bodywork, and has incorporated two hub-mounted electric motors.

The car runs on an optimized battery management system that equally divides the load between 14 individual lithium-cobalt battery packs.

The 36-plus hour drive means the 1,013.8 miles run by Schluckspecht E is a record breaking sprint indeed. Thus Schluckspecht E has taken an incredible step in EV history. What do you feel?

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