Real Estate Business Taking the Green Route

Realty biz is increasingly treading the green terrain. One company that has initiated laudable efforts in this arena is Earth Infrastructure. A leading real estate player who promotes and develops Green Buildings in North India, the company cares for the environment and it wants to gift something in the form of green and sustainable development to planet earth.

green realty

India-based Earth Infrastructure has taken a pledge to develop all its projects as green buildings which are going to be certified by LEED (India) as they would be developed as per the parameters and standards set by LEED.

Green Buildings are also called Sustainable Buildings and Green Structures. It refers to a structure that is environment-responsible and resource-efficient from sitting to design, construction, operation, maintenance, renovation and demolition.

The common objective of developing a green structure is to reduce the overall impact of the built environment on human health and natural environment by:

•Efficiently using energy, water and other resources.

•Protecting Occupant Health and improving employee productivity.

•Reducing waste, pollution and environment degradation.

Earth Infrastructure has launched five projects in a short span of 1 year of its operation. Earth Towne was the first residential project it launched. It was the first green building residential project in Noida Extension. It is spread over 19 acres of land.

The same will be designed and developed as per the specifications and standards declared by LEED. To encourage the green concept, Earth Towne will have Lush Green Landscapes and 70% wide open area with splendid Fountains.

Enhanced cross ventilation will ensure the presence of natural light and air in your homes resulting in reduced temperature and less use of AC which would save electricity.

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