Pay It Forward the Eco-Friendly Way!

Paying it forward is a wonderful idea. However, it is easier said than done. Unless there is a burning desire to help others, forgetting about what you get in return, this idea is very difficult to put into practice. Paying it forward, as everybody knows, refers to the idea of forwarding the help you received from somebody to a third person without repaying the person who helped you. Through caring for Nature, being eco-friendly, you can pay it forward. Usually, we do it not to make money, not out of any selfish motive, not even for the benefit of our kids. Our only aim is a greener, cleaner planet.

We shall examine a few green ways we can pay it forward:

Leave-No-Trace Camping: A fundamental way to pay it forward is by leaving no trace of your camping. Never let others know that you had been at the place before they came. Let the environment and Nature there be as good as it was when you landed there. Let others also enjoy Nature the way you did. Be very particular that you don’t leave any mark.

Start a Community Garden: Starting a community garden is another way of paying it forward. Don’t be selfish. Grow fruits, herbs and vegetables for others, the community. Let others also enjoy the fruits of your work, especially the deprived lot. Involve all in your place in the community garden work and ask them to pay it forward. At your child’s school also, you can start a community garden. They can then pay it forward —pass on the knowledge and garden to the next year’s students, as well as give their harvest to the school or community around them.

Donate: The joy of donating is indescribable. You can donate time, money or items you no longer have a use for, and pay it forward. Without any desire to be paid back, you are giving something of yours to someone else in order to help them out. Donating also has a cascading effect. You donate something to others and they too begin donating things like clothes, furniture, kitchenware and other such items.

Thus, we will learn to lead a simpler life in tune with and appreciating the natural world around us. When you pay it forward, there won’t be any need for you to look back.

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