Microbes Make Great Copy! Your Daily Newspaper Could Fuel Your Car Someday

Newspapers are in the news, yet again! Don’t be stunned if newspapers are used to power your car in the near future. Research at Tulane University has discovered a microbe that eats newspapers for lunch and then gives out biofuel.


The microbe, dubbed TU-103, was found when researchers were digging through animal feces. TU-103 is capable of producing bio-butanol directly from cellulose, an organic matter found in all green plants.

Cellulose is the most abundant organic material on earth, and many are dreaming of converting it into butanol.

This means that all those newspapers collecting dust in our dark closets could be converted to fuel.

In addition to possible savings on the price per gallon, as a fuel, bio-butanol produced from cellulose would dramatically reduce carbon dioxide and smog emissions, compared with gasoline, and have a positive impact on landfill waste.

But what if the newspaper industry no longer exists when this bio-butanol scheme comes to life? Think.

(Thanks Micora for the picture)

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