Give Your Apple iPhone 4 an iBamboo Speaker; This One Speaks Volumes, Naturally! (Video)

Amplify and better the sound of your phone using a bamboo cut! Sounds odd? But true. iBamboo Speaker uses a one-foot long piece of bamboo to amplify iPhone 4’s built-in speaker sound without any electricity of electric parts. This eco-friendly speaker is laser cut at the top to fit in well with your iPhone. The sound of the music played by your phone will be naturally amplified by the bamboo and it will move in two different directions, creating a `surround sound’ effect.


Every iBamboo will not be the same either, since each cut of bamboo will have uniquely different markings and a different look.

The natural speaker will also increase the feng-shui of your desk, bedroom, or wherever you place it.



The iBamboo is currently made only for iPhone 4, but the company has plans to expand to include docks for other models and iPad. We are yet know what will be on the price tag. Watch this space as we go looking for the pricing details.

Follow this link to get notified when this amazing  iPhone 4 accessory will be made available for you to pick. In the meantime, you might also want to watch a video of the product below.

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