Floating Garden Physalia Floats along Water Bodies and Cleans them Too

How about some floating gardens, now? And, how about having one that cleans up the water on which it floats? I am not imagining things, you know. A new whale-shaped floating garden has been envisioned to paddle along the rivers around the world purifying the water bodies on its course. Still can’t digest what I mean? Okay, read on and you will know. The whale-shaped boat, christened Physalia, is a self-sufficient ecosystem that harvests the power it needs from the sun, all the while reducing the pollution in the water on which it floats by way of bio-filtration.


The design comes from Vincent Callebaut, the man behind the Lilypad and Dragonfly. Physalia is another amazing aesthetically-brilliant concept designed to aid ecology. The concepts are awesome – it would be even more fascinating to dwell upon the practicality of the innovation.

Though it may take time for this green technology-driven system to take final shape, doesn’t it feel nice think we can have something that can indeed be created?



The design is such that floating environments are packed with gardens. It has four thematic gardens named, “Earth”, “Wind”, “Fire”, and “Water”, which stand for the four elements.

The floating garden is covered with green roof and thin-film solar panels on almost all places of sun exposure. Apart from that energy is also derived from moving water underneath the boat using the Hydro-turbines. Physalia is thus powered completely by renewable resources.



The floating garden has its exterior coated with layer of TiO2, which reacts with UV rays to clean the water. An added volume of water is purified through propagating it via the garden systems that will biologically filter out contaminants and pollutants from the water.

The design takes off from the Physalia physalis jellyfish. The designers plan to drift Physalia through major waterways of Europe, Northern Africa and the Middle East, roaming along the Danube and Volga, between the Rhine and Guadalquivir, and through the Euphrate.

This self-adequate, pollution free floating ecology will be an amazing green innovation when it takes final shape. What do you have to say?

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