Eco-Friendly Shopping Habits Take a Leap Among Indian Consumers

Indian customers are tremendously aware of eco-friendly products and the majority of them, when they go shopping, prefer green items. But they have one deterrent: such items’ prohibitive cost. Otherwise, they would wholeheartedly buy them, and buy only them. This is the result of the survey made by Nielsen Company. The findings reveal that the Indian consumer is increasingly conscious of the benefits of environmentally friendly and sustainable practices. An 86% of Indian consumers surveyed place faith in energy-efficient products and appliances, followed by recyclable packaging (79%). According to the Global Online Environment and Sustainability Survey by Nielsen, only about 44% of Indians buy eco-friendly products as they are ‘very expensive’.


It has been pointed out that the sensitivities to buy ecologically friendly products are in place, but the high price of items ranging from recycled paper to organic foods makes it difficult for consumers to purchase them for everyday use.

Elaborating on the findings, Nielsen has pointed out that the Indian shopper is very much in sync with 83% global consumers when it comes to environmentally sustainable products; there is fairly wide awareness among Indian consumers on what practice is environmentally friendly.


More than 25,000 Internet users in 51 countries throughout Asia Pacific, Europe, Latin America, the Middle East, Africa and North America responded to the queries. Willingness to buy green items is highest in Vietnam and Indonesia.

The concern about climate change and global warming is less among online consumers in India compared with issues relating to air and water pollution. In India, while 90% people surveyed were concerned about air and water pollution, 80% thought that climate change was an important environmental issue.

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