Bringing Back the Birds; Designer Comes Up with Cute Little Birdhouses for the Urban Jungle

These days, in the urban jungles you live, you seldom get to hear those chirpy birds hopping around. Sad, but it’s just true. We get to witness an alarmingly less number of those happy birds chirping around at dawn or dusk. Haven’t you started missing the vibrant and joyful presence?


Blame it all on atmospheric pollution and radiation that hamper their natural habitats. Like you have been doing all the while, a designer named Nan Wen from Edinburgh College of Art has gone a step further and come up with a solution to shelter the urban songbirds while respecting their natural survival instincts.

She has created a set of new bird shelter prototypes that throws light on how we can aid the birds to defend themselves from the natural and urban threats with our little intrusion. The designs were showcased recently at the New Designers 2011 exhibition in London.


These ‘Birdhouses for the city garden’ is a very interesting design devised after a study of the city birds’ habitation necessities. These bird shelters can be outfitted in gardens or similar outdoors places forming a safe refuge for city birds, all the while prodding the winged-ones to use their inborn dexterity.

This new borne designer believes one of the most urgent problems faced by the present society is environmental pollution and animal protection. She also reckons to make people convinced in peacefully sharing the natural environment with animals using her designing skills, the first ones being Birdhouses.



They are manufactured using different materials including wood, iron, bamboo, ceramics, and plastics and are adorned with small plastic leaves and flowers. Birdhouses were made to look like natural extensions to the environment, giving birds with a steady shelter.

The design respects nature as well as forms an effective solution to the urban environs. Take a look at the designs posted along side and tell us if you would want to applaud them.

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