NEC Green Projectors Rolled Out


Ever thought of a green projector?  Though it may seem odd at the first instance, we are happy to let you know that NEC has unveiled its new range of eco-friendly projectors for the education and small-to-medium business environment.

Being one of the leading display, network and IT solutions provider, NEC India has now offered an all new set of portable and eco friendly M Series projectors including M350X, M300X, M260X, M230X, M300W and M260W.

The best part of it all is that you don’t need to compromise your yearning for rich visual experience for the cause of green. For instance, the projectors are equipped with HDMI connector and a wired/wireless (optional) LAN port for projecting high quality digital images.


Besides, it allows the users to connect to a computer using a standard USB cable ruling out the need for computer cables.

Coming to the green front, the projectors come equipped with the options of an ‘Auto Eco Mode’ and ‘Eco2 Mode’. Let’s us explain.

While the ‘Auto Eco Mode’ option automatically adjusts the brightness of the projected image to suit the environment, the latter reduces light intensity during small screen projections. You can easily access the ‘green modes’ either via the Eco buttons on the projector or the remote control.

In order to maintenance costs, the projectors are equipped with 5000 and 6000 hours of lamp life in Eco Mode. Further, the M-Series projectors feature a carbon savings meter and energy-saving functions such as power save, quick setup and direct power off.

Amidst these offerings, it remains to be seen how many entrepreneurs will come forward to endorse the all new green innovation.

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