Peugeot’s e-Vivacity eScooter to Hit Street Later this Year


In case you are not in the know of things, let us tell you Peugeot’s saga in electric scooter manufacturing began way back in 1996 with the 40 km range Scoot’elec equipped with nickel cadmium batteries. The scooter had sold 3500 units till 2006. It is now the turn of a new model. The French automobile behemoth’s new battery powered scooter ‘e-Vivacity’ will hit the market later this year.

e-Vivacity integrates explicitly designed lithium-ion batteries from ‘Saft’ and they can be charged using standard  230 volt power supply which takes 4 hours to the brim and 2 hours for 80 percent.

An Autobloggreen review has stated that the ‘e-Vivacity’ is equipped with a ‘brushless’ synchronous electric motor with permanent magnets having a maximum power of 4kW, direct drive electric motor clutch, notched belt frame and steel double cradle steel double cradle transmission, 32mm telescopic fork front and adjustable single shock absorber rear suspensions, 200mm front and 190 mm rear disk brakes. The scooter has a dry weight of 115 kg with 1910 x 680 x 1168 mm dimensions.

Its 4kW engine can deliver 60 miles of autonomy at a steady speed of 45kmph and can reach a top speed equivalent to 125 cc combustion engine. Batteries are augmented using international IEC 61508 standard risk reduction procedure endorsing utmost safety for battery system.

The peachy ‘e-Vivacity’ allows easy maneuvering through heavy traffic. The makers have promised maintenance free for at least 1000 recharges without any crumble in its performance and is fabricated to last at least ten years so as to clock up to 40000 km.

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