Honda Goldwing Hybrid Bike Concept Revealed


Honda has filed a patent for a hybrid bike with elaborated drawings of the vehicle.  The shape of the vehicle comes across a bit queer, and it resembles Honda’s earlier Goldwing bike’s torso. However, there has been no official confirmation about the name of the hybrid bike. Noteworthy is the fact that the earlier Goldwing had come with a plenty of area on board to accommodate battery pack and four chamber engine. The new concept also looks like boasting of the  same attributes.

Goldwing, Honda’s Grand Tourer Motorcycle, was earlier presented as powered by a six cylinder 1,800cc boxer engine. Power for the new vehicle will come thanks to a four cylinder – electric motor hybrid.


The Goldwing hybrid is expected to be ideal for long distance rides. Hybrid motor vehicles reportedly have no advantages when cruising long distances. It will be a good idea if battery can be used as a power booster. They offer an advantage while on a city ride with all the stopping, waiting, starting and accelerating  – but it’s not what they are made for!

The hybrid concept from Honda in fact gives us the feel that Japanese major has gone overboard again with this vehicle. In a scenario where Honda’s plans bank on the feasibility of hybrid motorcycles and scooters, we guess we need to be a bit skeptical. However, the fact that machine is a Honda product makes us put back some faith into it. You may want to run through the patent details here.

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