Paperbark Camp’s Eco Tents Bring Life Closer to Nature


Modern day tents  tend to look like cool luxury getaways where life is close to nature. In line with such earth friendly initiatives happening across the  green globe,  Paperbark Camp’s Eco  Tents, that have come up in New South Wales in Australia, sport the look of  tiny luxurious resorts.

Paperbark Camp‘s Eco Tents offer  all amenities akin to a luxury hotel.  Designers of these structures have exhibited a tilt towards  eco friendly construction  material in the building of the unique dwelling places.  Attention has been given to make sure there is complete harmony between wildlife, and the surroundings.


Boasting of  spacious verandahs,  solar lighting system, low-flow showerheads, dual-flush toilets, natural ventilation, gas heater for hot water and used fluorescent bulbs for lighting are some of the ingredients that have been thrown into  these eco-friendly structures so as to make them closer to  nature.

Guests travelling to the  Paperbark Eco Tents are also offered environment friendly mobility by way of  canoes, kayaks and bicycles.  Are you planning to be in NSW any time soon?

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