Water as Auto Fuel? Ratan Tata Pumps in Money to Make that Happen!


Wonder what Ratan Tata is into these days? If you haven’t already read about that, let us tell you. The Tata boss is pumping in money into a research project at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) to use hydrogen from water as an alternative fuel to drive cars.

A total of $15 million is being handed over by Ratan Tata to fund the research being conducted by MIT professor Daniel Nocera. It is being said that the project would help generate hydrogen by splitting water and storing it in a safe can to drive an automobile. Nocera holds the patent for this.

With the funding from Tata flowing in, Nocera and Tata will jointly float a start up venture to build a prototype that can store hydrogen in a compressed form and fit it into a car for using as an alternative fuel. As we all know, Tata has as his dream a venture that would help cars run on water.

The funding would also mean that Ratan Tata will have control over the upcoming technology.  Ratan Tata has been known for innovations, and the latest had been the rolling out of the Tata Nano, the world’s least expensive car.

If the experiment turns out as effective, the world will see the water-hydrogen combination take over as an alternative source of energy.  Look forward to the day this venture would turn fruitful.

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