Lufthansa Biofuel Experiment to Take Off in April 2011


Lufthansa will soon be embarking on a six month experiment on their scheduled commercial flights on the Hamburg-Frankfurt-Hamburg route. The focus of the experiment will be to find out how using biofuel to power a plane will affect engine maintenance and engine life. The fuel that is being used in the study will be a 50-50 mix of traditional kerosene and biofuel.

The study, which will commence in April 2011, will cost the carrier 6.6 million Euros. Air pollution from traditional jet fuel is doubly harmful to the atmosphere when compared to pollution caused by vehicles because planes emit many more harmful gases than cars do; and these polluting gases are released in the upper atmosphere, which has a greater impact on the atmosphere than those released closer to the ground.
Lufthansa, as Care2 reports, is certainly making a green statement with this experiment, since it will be using sustainable biofuel only. The carrier is currently figuring out how to best meet the challenges of acquiring the required amount of biofuel, and ensure that refueling is done with no time lag.

The carrier will be saving approximately 1,500 tons of CO2 emissions during the six month trial period.

This is the second instance in recent times of an airline making a strong effort to reduce its carbon footprint. British Airways had recently announced that it was focusing on the establishment of the first sustainable jet fuel plant in Europe.

This sustainable fuel is being called BioSynGas and is created from the plasma gasification of biomass, said sources at the airline.

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