Gisele in Cartoon Series as Environmental Superhero


Gisele Bündchen is all set to reach out to her fans with the new cartoon series “Gisele & the Green Team”. The series debuted on Tuesday on AOL Kids. It has a group of young women who are featured as environmental superheroes. Thus the program has an environmental focus to it. This web-based animated series intends to teach younger viewers how they can help save the earth.

The model who also happens to be the United Nations goodwill ambassador says that this is an educational show aimed at children, and through them she could get the message to the parents also.

Bündchen is a regular contributor to environmental causes and also owns an environmental cause sponsored by her, called Agua Limpa, in the south of Brazil, which is her native place.

Moreover, she is also fond of watching cartoon films, thus Gisele & the Green Team makes the perfect combination.

The environment enthusiast is all excited about the cartoon version of herself in the series. She says that it is fun to have a cartoon version of one’s self. But character in the series does not look exactly like her. It rather resembles her.

Along with the 26-episode series, AOL is also introducing a new site within AOL Kids that Bündchen helped design and that will reinforce the green-friendly and girl-power messages of the show. Watch the video here.

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