Fujitsu Organic Energy Device Harnesses Power from In-Door Light & Heat


Fujitsu has successfully developed a ground breaking energy harvesting device which can answer the much sought question of efficient, non-conventional energy generation methods, to some extent. The device is expected to contribute heavily to the existing energy harvesting technologies with its ability to generate electricity from heat as well light in the surrounding atmosphere.

Currently, similar devices are either photovoltaic –capable of generating electricity from light, or thermoelectric   – capable of generating electricity from heat. But it is for the first time that a single device couples both the capabilities. This makes it more usable and energy-efficient in many situations.

This organic material developed by Fujitsu laboratories can produce power even from indoor lighting. With its thermoelectric mode, it can generate electricity from heat also. This is organic in nature, thus setting aside fears of sustainability and ecological issue.


The most important cutting edge of this new device over similar existing devices, , according to FEGizmos,  is the low processing cost which makes it very inexpensive. This low-cost is expected to leverage its chances of popular acceptance and mass usage.

Once it is completely developed in a form with which it can be used in devices and other energy generating purposes, it is expected to answer a lot of haunting questions faced by the present human society with the rapidly exhausting energy sources.

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