Your Wi-Fi Network Could Kill Trees Around You!


Oh My! See what we have here. You may be a Wi-Fi addict, but have you ever imagined that your browsing endeavors could hurt trees around? It has been found that radiation from Wi-Fi networks could prove to be damaging for trees and that they could impact the growth of other plants near routers. Or so say study findings that have come out, courtesy of scientists from the Wageningen University in The Netherlands.

The study, which was undertaken five years ago after it was found that ash trees planted near a wireless router had been suffering from bleeding bark, cracks, lumps, discolorations, and their leaves were dying. Investigation proved that bacterial or viral attack was never the cause.

Following this, scientists exposed small ash trees to wireless routers, beaming six sources of radiation at frequencies varying from 2412 to 2472 MHz and a capacity of 100 mW EIRP –  a range common for Wi-Fi, for a period of 3 months.

It was then revealed that the plant closest to the routers suffered maximum damage. It was found that the upper and lower skin of the leaves developed a metallic luster and began to die.

With Wi-Fi networks gaining in popularity, this could come about as a serious cause for concern. The study is expected to make authorities and tech companies sit back and think over as to how to tackle the growing issue. The Netherlands will also see the issue being discussed in detail at a conference to be held in February next year.

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