World’s Greenest Parking Facility Takes Off at Denver International Airport


Been to Denver lately? If you haven’t, try altering your travel itinerary to see how alluring can green be! Denver International Airport is nearing its aim of offering one of the world’s greenest parking facilities. The work of the parking area is expected to be completed by the middle of this month. The construction of the facility is moving faster than the expected schedule with work by BMW Group and DesignworksUSA. Once completed, it will provide a parking facility for almost 4,200 vehicles.

The project is titled as the Canopy Airport Parking project will utilize the energy from renewable power sources like solar, geothermal and wind power. Ground transport vehicles powered by natural gas, bio-diesel and hybrid drivetrains will also be featured as a part of the project. (image, courtesy of Autobloggreen)

The Greenscape Capital Group and partner BMW DesignworksUSA has announced the availability of 10 Garage Juice Bar multi-level (Level 1 and Level 2) charging stations in the parking facility that will be offering a free charging facility for the EVs.

It is said to be an interesting move not because they offer free charging option but as it is unusual to install 10 EV juice bars in a single step.

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